Here you will find comments on movies, which have been seen by the penguins.

But we will also take a look on future releases, which might be very interesting and we are really looking forward to.

We have to say many thanks to the movie theatre cinema in Munich, because without their sneak preview each friday, this early comments before the official release date in Germany wouldn't have been possible.
This sneak preview celebrates No. 600 on Nov. 5th, 2004.
NEW: Please find here an article (in german) from the newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung about the phenomenon 'Sneak Preview'.

And a Happy Happy Birthday to the cinema, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary on October 23rd, 2004.
Keep on going on for at least the next 50 years.

But we are also very glad to have the Filmfest Munich (June/July) and the Fantasy Filmfest (July/August) each year, because they also show movies before they are officially released or even have no release date yet.

N E W  -  the penguin rating
In July 2001 we introduced a kind of short-rating for each movie, so taht you can easily see, what we think:

unbedingt anschauen - muss man gesehen haben!!
you gotta see it -a a must!
schöner film - macht laune ihn anzuschauen
nice movie - you will enjoy watching it!
kino ohne grosse ansprüche, einfach zuschauen
mainstream - easy watching!
mehr schlecht als recht - nicht zuviel erwarten
more bad than good - don't expect too much!
auf einer einsamem eisscholle hat man mehr spass
on a lonesome piece of ice you will have more fun!

Die Filme / The Movies
   The must-see-movie of the moment: LOST IN TRANSLATION
/still the best movie of the year, but also look out for 5 penguins rated movies to come/

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