A Hello to our English-Speaking friends,

and unfortunately we have to say, that we are very, very sorry, that our page is mostly available only in german language (at the moment).

The only english part is currently talking about movies, where we started now to give some comments on movies, which are starting very soon in Germany.

Therefore here is some brief infomation, what we are doing on this side:
We are a group of four former students from Munich, Germany, who have been seperated after the final examinations all over the country. We created this page to share some information between us and bring it to our friends.
The name four-penguins came during very hard hours of learning to us, because a group with the name the nice little penguins was very popular at that time. Their best known song was Flying and we all studied avaiation engineering - so it was kind of perfect.
We will never appear with our real names - only with our penguin No.

We are presenting our history - some detailled information of each member will come soon.
Also we go to the movies very often and we make some short comments on this movies, which are shown according to their release date in Germany.
We are building up a tribute to best radio-show ever: Langemann & die Morgencrew.
Additionally we are saluting one of our professors from the past.
And more things to come.

If you are interested in anything specific, please don't hesitate to contact us.
Also you can let us know, what you would like to have in english first or if you have any comment to our page.

Thank you very much for understanding.

the four-penguins

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